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Perception of public figures changes overtime and mistakes are forgotten with time. George W. Bush was an unpopular president by the time he left office in 2008, his approval ratings had fallen just below 20% at one point. Some 10 years later, he is seen through a less disapproving lens and many are wondering if it is time to rehabilitate his reputation.

Headline from Texas Monthly

Why George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton? Many public figures go through this process, so why focus on these two? …

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts text in a scanned document or image into a machine-readable text.

OCR process

History of OCR: The earliest usage of OCR was to help blind people read. OCR helped machines read text that was converted into sound. One such machine was the Optophone invented by Edmund Edward Fournier d’Albe in 1913. By the 1960s, the U.S. Postal Service was using OCR to help sort the mail. Corporate America began using OCR to scan price tags in the 1960s. Now, it is used in a multitude of different sectors and devices.

There are four basic steps to OCR…

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